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How community work can boost your career 💼

How community work can boost your career

How community work can boost your career

Introduction 👋

Volunteering your time, money, or energy to help your community doesn’t just help the community, but can also help you.

Applying for jobs can be difficult.

How will you stand out?

How can you show that you’ve got plenty of work experience?

Employers want a lot, and it’s difficult to tick every box.

This is where community work can help you to boost your career.

Getting involved in community work can:

  • Make your CV stand out
  • Help you to build skills
  • Help you to demonstrate your skills
  • Give you valuable work experience
  • Help you to get work references
  • Show you as a good person
  • Help you to build a network
  • Build your confidence
  • Improve your wellbeing

Showing that you’re a good person 🥰

Getting involved in community work can show that you are:

  • Motivated – you’ve gone out of your way to do free work to help others!
  • Caring – you’re helping others for free
  • Confident – you’re getting stuck into something new, with new people
  • A team player – working as part of a team to help the community

Building and demonstrating your skills ⚒️

Not only this, but getting involved in community work can show that you’ve got valuable skills that every employer will want!

Here are some examples of community work activities and their skills –

WorkSkills you can build/show off
Dog walkingEmpathy, confidence,
trustworthy, able to get “hands on”, patience, proactive, physical fitness
GardeningTeamwork, able to get “hands on”, proactive, planning, creativity/design, budgeting, money skills, organisation, physical fitness
Helping elderlyEmpathy, confidence, customer service skills, presentation skills, able to talk to lots of different people, trustworthy, relationship building, thoughtful, teamwork, proactive, staying positive
Charity fundraisingMoney management, sales/marketing, maths, customer service, persuasion, trustworthy, proactive, staying positive, resilience, planning, relationship building

Conclusion 👍

So, are you convinced to get started on some community work to boost your career?

Check out our list of 104 ideas to help your community, to help you think of ways to make your CV stand out!

Hopefully you’re feeling more confident about understanding how community work can boost your career.

If you know any friends or family members who might benefit from learning about how community work can boost your career, share this post with them!

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