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104 ideas for volunteering projects๐ŸŒŽ

ideas for volunteering projects

104 ideas for volunteering projects

Introduction ๐Ÿ‘‹

Volunteering your time, money, or energy to help your community doesn’t just help the community, but can also help you.

Volunteering is where you give up your time and skills for free, to help your local community. ๐Ÿ’–

Volunteering can help you to:

  • Feel a sense of achievement and more positive
  • Feel like you belong
  • Make new friends and build strong friendships
  • Improve your CV for work
  • Build skills
  • Build confidence
  • Keep a sense of perspective, by being aware of those less fortunate than you
  • Feel gratitude
  • Make others feel happy

Here are 104 volunteering ideas to help your community!

Improve your area – 18 ideas ๐Ÿž๏ธ

  1. Set up a community garden
  2. Litter picking
  3. Beach clean ups
  4. Plant flowers
  5. Offer to paint people’s walls/fences for them
  6. Help people to rake up leaves, tidy their gardens, and mow their lawns
  7. Build bug, butterfly, and bee houses
  8. Start awareness campaigns for the environment in your area
  9. Paint rocks and hide them around your area to brighten people’s days
  10. Campaign for better lighting in poorly lit areas
  11. Set up an eco council for your local area
  12. Repair/improve playgrounds
  13. Create an art installation for the community e.g. a mural
  14. Grow your own vegetables and encourage others to do the same
  15. Cycle to help the environment
  16. Campaign for better cycle paths in your area
  17. Support zero waste stores
  18. Thank your local bin collectors/recycle collectors, give them a gift

Help the elderly – 10 ideas ๐Ÿง“

  1. Visit the elderly
  2. Make friends with an elderly person, call them, write them letters, and visit them
  3. Offer to go shopping for your neighbours/elderly
  4. Take therapy dogs to old people’s homes
  5. Offer to make meals for elderly neighbours
  6. Arrange singing or acting performances for nursing homes
  7. Offer to help with dog walking/pet care for elderly who might struggle
  8. Help the elderly with computer support/how to use the internet
  9. Take groups of children to visit the elderly and offer them company
  10. Bring gifts/treats/activities to nursing homes

Help animals – 7 ideas ๐Ÿฆ†

  1. Free dog walking/pet sitting
  2. Pet training classes
  3. Collect blanket/towel and food donations for local animal rescues
  4. Look after/rescue animals – dogs, cats, small furries, hedgehogs, birds…
  5. Share pictures of animals needing adoption
  6. Offer free animal grooming services
  7. Set up a local dog walking group

Bring people together – 35 ideas ๐Ÿช…

  1. Introduce yourself to your neighbours
  2. Street party!
  3. Invite people out for a walk
  4. Smile!
  5. Arrange a charity concert
  6. Quiz nights!
  7. Pay people compliments
  8. Book club
  9. Car boot sale!
  10. Set up a free book swap
  11. Shop at small/local businesses and recommend them to others
  12. Sports to fundraise for charity – rollerskating disco, football, basketball, rugby, running, sports day
  13. Set up a local acting group or theatre performance
  14. Community fruit picking days
  15. Cooking classes
  16. Community pamper night
  17. Bingo night!
  18. Community BBQ
  19. Outdoor cinema/film night
  20. Food/drink tasting events – food festivals
  21. Language classes – sign language, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian
  22. Volunteer for local charities
  23. Dress up days
  24. Fun runs
  25. Caroling to raise money for charity
  26. Bake sale!
  27. Set up a fitness class
  28. Make dinners and share them with neighbours
  29. Learn people’s names in the community
  30. Karaoke night!
  31. Set up dance classes
  32. Set up a clothes swap night to change up your wardrobe
  33. Sell art projects to raise money for charity
  34. Set up a community group for your local area on social media
  35. Raise awareness of how people can support diversity and inclusion

Help schools/children – 9 ideas ๐Ÿซ

  1. Collect donations for local schools
  2. Volunteer to help at after school clubs
  3. Offer free tutoring to local schools
  4. Take therapy dogs to schools
  5. Offer career mentoring to schools
  6. Give gifts to children’s foster homes
  7. Family fun days
  8. Baby classes
  9. Community treasure hunts!

Help homelessness – 10 ideas ๐Ÿ•๏ธ

  1. Give support/gifts to the homeless
  2. Have a group “sleep out” to raise money for the homeless
  3. Collect food/volunteer for your local food bank
  4. Make care packages for adults and children experiencing homelessness e.g. soaps, toothbrushes, treats
  5. Offer to repair/alter clothes for those experiencing homelessness
  6. Donate clothes to homelessness charities
  7. Offer mentoring or career support to those experiencing homelessness
  8. Become a foster carer for children and young adults
  9. Make food for the homeless e.g. volunteer at soup kitchens
  10. Become a temporary animal foster carer for those experiencing homelessness

Save lives – 7 ideas ๐Ÿฉบ

  1. CPR/first aid classes
  2. Volunteer for your local coast guard/life boat/life guard service
  3. Join mental health volunteering services
  4. Raise money for your local hospital
  5. Give gifts to your local medical professionals
  6. Raise awareness of domestic violence, and how people can help
  7. Organise free personal safety or self-defence classes at your community centre

Support disability – 8 ideas โ™ฟ

  1. Organise disability sports events
  2. Campaign for accessibility for disabled people in your area e.g. ramps and equipment, suitable bathrooms
  3. Raise awareness of how people in the community can support those with disability
  4. Offer career support to those with disability
  5. Make sure that your workplace supports people with disability
  6. Set up enrichment classes for those with disability at your local community centre
  7. Support local disability charities
  8. Raise money for braille and large print books at your local library, school, or community centre

Conclusion ๐Ÿ‘

So that’s it!

There are 104 ideas to help your community.

Take a look to see which ones you’d get involved in!

Community work can be a fantastic way to boost your wellbeing and career prospects.

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