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What is a “wall of wins”? 🧱

What is a wall of wins

What is a “wall of wins”?

Introduction πŸ‘‹

A “wall of wins” is a way for you to celebrate your successes.

They’re really simple to make – just write down all of your wins! (achievements)

Why a “Wall of Wins” is useful 🧱

A “wall of wins” can help you to:

  • Talk about your successes in job interviews
  • Cheer up when you’re having a bad day
  • Motivate yourself when you’re feeling low
  • Feel confident
  • Remember the cool things you’ve done

What to write about πŸ“ƒβœοΈ

You could write about things like:

  • Challenges you’ve overcome
  • Things that have made you happy
  • Times where you’ve improved something
  • Nice things that people have said to you
  • Things that you’ve done to help other people
  • Certificates/qualifications you’ve gained
  • Times where you’ve felt really confident and proud
  • Work that you’ve done

Work wins πŸ’Ό

In particular, make sure to write down your work-related wins!

They can be difficult to remember when you need them.

Write about times when you’ve:

  • Organized something
  • Identified a problem and fixed it
  • Made customers really happy
  • Saved money for your employer
  • Saved time for your employer
  • Come up with a new idea
  • Worked on an interesting project
  • Received an award
  • Been complimented by your colleagues
  • Helped your employer make money

If possible, try and include numbers in your wins to make them more impressive!

For example:

“I looked after 500 customers across 3 different locations

sounds much more impressive than

“I looked after lots of customers”.

Think about how your wins helped your employer. Make sure to write them down!

A really impressive example of a “win” would be –

“I looked after 500 customers across 3 different locations. Taking on additional responsibility for 2 more locations helped my employer to be more flexible with where their staff work. This saved them time and approximately Β£5,000, because they didn’t have to hire and train other people to work there .”

Conclusion πŸ‘

So that’s it!

A “wall of wins” is a way for you to celebrate your successes.

Enjoy celebrating your achievements with a wall of wins!

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